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Mind Storm

Seahawks win Super Bowl! Yay! Now, may we put away football?

The only reason I watched and listened to the Super Bowl on Sunday is the Seahawks, the Washington state team, was in it. I don't care much about football and usually ignore the Super Bowl, making agame out of seeing how long Ican go without learning the final score. In 2006, the first time the Seahawks were in it (they lost), I managed to go until noon the next day when I saw the local newpapers in their retail boxes outside a store near the Seattle condo I lived in then.

Last year I inexplicably watched most of the second half of the Super Bowl. I tuned in about 15 minutes before the power was fully restored after that strange blackout in most of the stadium. This past season I watched a lot of BFL and college games on television that I normally would ignore. Boredom, I guess, not knowing what to do with myself,and drawn by the allure of the flickering TV screen and not having the control of the channel selector I did when we lived in Seattle. (Otherwise I'd spend most of my TV time watching Disney Channel.)

I loved football when I was 9 and 10. A few years ago when Idug through ancient color slides of family photos for a project I found pictures of me in my helmet, assuming positions with my football in the living room. Interest in the game wore off by the time I was 11 and I switched to fascination with newspaper printing and started practically living at the bowling alley during summer vacations.

I suppose I only followed the Seahawks this year because they were doing so well and were expected to play in the Super Bowl.

As for Sunday's game, I wasn't surprised it was a blowout, but I thought it would be closer. I was surprised that Denver and the great Peyton Manning muffed the first play of the game and gave up a safety. They fell behind in the first 30 seconds of the game and never tied or took the lead. Ouch! Imagine how numbing pain of Denver if they had lost by one point, knowing that they would have won except for that freak safety on the first play of the game.

If anyone had asked me before kickoff what is the key to victory I would have answered: scoring more points than your opponent. Other than that, clueless about the intricacies of how football is played or much of the terminology, I finally figured out this year what "Red Zone" means.

Spring training for Major League Baseball starts in two weeks. Now there's a game I can follow, sort of. It moves slowly enough that I can keep up, even though Iknow nothing about baseball startegy and the finer points of the action.

I don't have time or interest to go back and edit so apologies if some of my wordsaboverantogether.


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