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Mind Storm

Live Curling in mere moments, as I write this . . .

Live Olympics Curling, Germany vs. Canada, comes on in less than 1 minute on the NBC Sports channel.
(EDITED @ 2:36 a.m. PST: It was not live, but taped highlights of the match, with commercial breaks during the first half of each end so viewers could not see how teams set up their potential scoring opportunities. Oh, Canada won, 11-8. Canada is favored to win its third straight gold medal.)

Curling is the only sport I will voluntarily watch in the Olymics. I'm not much into sports in general and the Olympics even less. Too much spectacle for my taste. And other reasons, perhaps, that I can't think of now and might not explain later if I do think of them.

(EDIT #2: If NBC broadcasts curling matches live this Olympics I hope they don't butcher it like they did in 2006 when they'd show the opening shots of each end (each team gets eight shots) and then go to commercials. (I didn't watch the Winter Olympics in 2010.) I want to watch the strategies of shot selection and rock placement unfold. I enjoyed watching curling on Canadian television when I lived in Seattle. The CBC covered all of the major Canadian tournaments and the world finals each season. Coverage and analysis during matches in thorough: no commercial breaks except between ends. But curling is Canada's national sport that isn't hockey so television coverage isn't treated as an afterthought like it is on American television.)   


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