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Mind Storm


I spent two hours deleting two weeks' worth of e-mails, most of them unread. The bulk were daily news updates from The New York Times that were out of date, and dozens of unsolicited "job opportunity" messages from Career Builder. The latter started arriving after my wife forwarded a job listing to me. Career Builder took the initiative to sign me up for further updates. I unsubscribed. Reason for the time spent deleting is I didn't feel like checking e-mail for two weeks. I didn't miss it.

What is so stupid about the Career Builder job alerts is not a single one of the close to 100 jobs was relevant to me at all. I think their computers just forward on the latest jobs posted on their site, regardless of category preferences by the recipient. Or in my case, regardless of the fact that I didn't request the solicitations.

Yet another reason I spend less and less time online and checking e-mails.

There is no privacy online, never was, honestly.

In the midst of the e-mail deleting I took an hour-long break (roughly) to write thoughtful replies to comments in Internet Movie Database message boards about various Disney Channel programs. (I am a big Disney Channel fan.) Two of the comments sent to me were intended for other posters in the respective discussion threads. Clearly these two didn't pay attention to which "reply" button thyey were aiming at. People ougth to slow down and be mindful.

That is all. My computer is slow and overstuffed with programs that I don't know how many of are deletable without messing things up. It also is out of date with Windows XP (Microsoft ends support on April 8); it also has too little RAM available to swiftly download today's image-heavy websites. Not enough additional RAM capacity available to upgrade to the latest Windows. I could run the operating system but I wouldn't have enough extra memory to run any other programs. One day we'll have money to buy a new up-to-date PC.

I'm not checking for typos and spelling errors. It's late and I say goodnight. I'll let you sort out the typograpically confusing parts.


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