Meditational Glow


The Incomparable Jimmie Beeee!!!!

... but just call me Jimmy Be

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Meditational Glow

Ono? Oh Yes!

I just want to be healthy
and stay alive and keep my family
going and everything and
keep my friends going and
try to do something so that
this world will be peaceful.
That is the most ambitious and
the most difficult thing,
but I'm there trying to do it.

— attributed to Yoko Ono

I found this quote online while looking up Yoko Ono books and music.

Late in 2015 or early in 2016 I updated my Yoko Ono collection with two books and a CD. One book is "Acorn" (2013), which was called a follow-up to "Grapefruit" her famous conceptual art book of "instructions", published in 1964. The other book is "An Invisible Flower," which Yoko wrote and illustrated in 1952, when she was 19. Her son Sean found it in her files and published it, 2009 or 2011, I think. "An Invisible Flower" is a very short book about smelling a flower, but being unable to find it. The scent carried on the wind over mountains and an ocean but no one could see it, except perhaps a fellow named Smelty John, but then he sneezed. The CD is called "Take Me to the Land of Hell" (2013).

I got more Barne's and Noble gift cards for Christmas so I might use them to add more Yoko books to my collection.

If I find the energy and motivation I'l climb around the stacks in the storage unit and look for my copy of "Grapefruit" (2000 reissue) in the books boxed up since the move from Seattle four years ago.

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It feels good to Beeee back.

Happy New Year in 11¼ minutes (as I write this). People are already celebrating in my neighborhood out here in Washington a little more than two hours before 2017. Bang! Bang! Fireworks!

Great applause pic. J'ever notice that in old movies audiences applaud faster than seems normal? I first noticed this a few weeks ago when watching "White Christmas" for the umpteenth time.

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