Meditational Glow


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Meditational Glow

Weirditry writted during my poetic writer's block phase (2015 edition) (I'm getting over it.)

Dreamland Room

How to describe this sudden
          deep relaxation:
My arms and legs feel weak
          and unmovable,
yet full of energy and strength
to walk across the house to the
          Dreamland Room.

Is this what it’s like when
a human soul surrenders
          to the Infinite,
          the Allness of Isness?

Or like the fellow who accepts
that he’s going down for the
last time after a rogue wave
pitched him from his canoe as
he paddled across the lake to meet
friends on the other shore
for a simple camping trip?

— Sunday, March 15, 2015,
while listening to “New Age” music


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