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Meditational Glow


Snow is falling in my town right now. Started about 3 to 3½ hours ago as I write this. The first of two storms due here this weekend. A week ago 6 inches of snow fell steadily on my town from mid-afternoon New Year's Day to about sunrise January 2. Then it got very cold, highs barely into the teens most of the week and lows as low as minus-2 on our outdoor/indoor thermometer. Temperature around 3:45 p.m. today was 15. With the second storm will come wamer air from down Hawaii way, but not enough to melt the snow. Early optimism of an extended forecast of 40s by Monday gave way to about 34 tomorrow and 31-33 the next few days and then back to the low 20s by week's end.

Still, I had a decent time got a good workout shoveling the soft, deep powder out from around my car and clearing a path from front porch to car. Finally got to put to use the snow shovel my wife gave me for Christmas four years ago. (First significant, lasting snowfall in the four years we've been here in the Tri-Cities.) Over here in Eastern Washington people don't panic at the first sign of snow falling, like they do in Seattle where we lived for 16 years.

Looks like a half-inch of accumulation so far today.

I was able to navigate the super-cold and the snow all week, and I am ready to move back to Minnesota. I lived there for 34 months from August 1988 to early June 1991. My wife is Minnesota born and raised. So I declared my readiness to move back. Minnesota is my adopted home state, although I haven't been back there since first week of August 2001. That was a vacation trip: We arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on July 31, and the next week was the hottest of the year, with high temperatures and humidity both in the upper 90s. Thank God for air conditioning in the rental car!

As for the weather here, come July 4th we'll be complaining its TOO HOT, because by then daytimes are in the 90s around here and sometimes low 100s. Two years in June we hit 111-113. Autumn couldn't come soon enough for me then.


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