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Mind Storm

Every Year since mid-June 2000

There, I've posted an original entry here every year since I created this journal in mid-June 2000, back before the word "blog" was en vogue, or maybe even coined. Back then we called it an online diary. I recall thatat the time LiveJournal had an astounding 90,000 or so users, which was a lot, considering at the time it was barely a year old. LiveJournal predates Facebook by a few years and Twitter by a few more. Both have since taken over the world. Facebook user totals— combining personal and commercial accounts — comprise the equivalent of one-seventh of the world's population, although like a lot of social media doesn't accurately reflect actual use by users. This LJ post and my new year's greeting are only posts since March 24, 2014.

For those of you (all three) who have wondered where I am, I've largely ignored social media (I refuse to join facebook, and see Twitter as a waste of time). I checked in occasionally here and read Friends posts and posted the occasional comment.

I will probably post again regularly in early 2016: I want to update you about my heart-condition health, which has gone backwards since June; and there is that unending circus called the 2016 presidential election — whenever another report about Donnie the Mouth comes on I change the channel or turn the page and read something else.

I read tonight that the temperature this week rose above freezing at the North Pole, thanks to a big storm that sucked warm air to the top of the world. But global warming is a lie, a fake, a commie-socialist-plot to destroy the economy of America, so maybe The Washington Post article today made it up, that liberal rag.

Anyway, stand by for more news.


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