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Meditational Glow

"Surrealities" — No. 25 for National Poetry Month

Something dreamlike that came to me over three nights: My written comments while I was editing the poem say, "I hear it as a jaunty, medium-tempo folk song that evokes a walk in the foresty woods of the first stanza, but the tempo slows for the last four lines of the poem."

(© by Jim Bacon, a.k.a., Jimmie Beeee!!!!)



Mystic hogs, mystic dogs,
mystic frogs in the bogs;
mystic slogs over mossy logs,
mystic mogs through misty marshes
dark and deep and deer-full,
o’er thickly leaves from twisty trees
red and gold carpet cheerful.

Mystery dream coat, mystery dream cap,
all decked out for a nocturnal trip,
a quizzical trip on a blistery ship
that’s a-rusting on the blustering sea.
I’m lookin’ for answers to questions unknown,
to questions not seen and questions not heard.
It’s my Mobius journey to the Land of Absurd
where I’ll climb high up Eden’s Wise Tree.

— early December 2016


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